Case Filing Information

The Archdiocese of Baltimore filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy on September 29, 2023. In its initial case filings, the Archdiocese explained that its bankruptcy filing provide: “(a) compensation for the unresolved claims of survivors of abuse, including those survivors who have not yet come forward; (b) continue outreach to and support of survivors as an ongoing ministry; (c) preserve the ability to carry on the essential ministries and services provided by the [Archdiocese], so the [Archdiocese] can continue to meet the needs of the Catholic faithful within the Archdiocese, the Parishes, the Schools, the Related Entities, and others who rely on the foregoing for spiritual, pastoral, and human assistance; and (d) fairly allocate the [Archdiocese] remaining income and assets among the legitimate competing interests for such property, recognizing that it is not possible to pay all alleged claims in full.”

The Debtor indicated that at the time it filed for bankruptcy it held assets totaling $204,962,748 and liabilities totaling $24,933,882.